God’s purpose throughout all of time has been to redeem for Himself a people that are His very own. – Alistair Begg

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Great is Thy Faithfulness …

What has been the deepest, darkest experience in your life, the time when you felt the worst emotions, perhaps to the point of utter despair?

For Jeremiah and his contemporaries in Judah, it was the destruction of Jerusalem. The death of the city was absolutely crushing.

What Does it Mean to Love God? (5)

(1) Labour to know God aright. “We cannot love that which we do not know.” God is the most comprehensive good; all excellencies which lie scattered in the creature, are united in Him; He is optimus maximus. Wisdom, beauty, riches, love, all concentrate in Him. How fair was that tulip which had the colors of all tulips in it! All perfections and sweetnesses are eminently in God. Did we know God more, and by the eye of faith see his orient beauty, our hearts would be fired with love to Him!

What Does It Mean To Love God? (4)

(1) God’s benefits bestowed on us. If a prince bestows continual favours on a subject, and that subject has any sincerity, he cannot but love his prince. God is constantly heaping benefits upon us, “filling our hearts with food and gladness.” Acts 14:17. As streams of water out of the rock followed Israel wherever they went, so God’s blessings follow us every day. We swim in a sea of mercy! That heart is hard, which is not prevailed with, by all God’s blessings — to love Him. “Love attracts love.” Kindness works even on a brute — the ox knows his owner.

What Does It Mean To Love God? (3)

(6) He who loves God, prefers Him before estate and life.

[1] Before estate. “For whom I have suffered the loss of all things.” Phil 3:8. Who that loves a rich jewel, would not part with a flower for it? Galeacius, marquis of Vico, parted with a large estate to enjoy God in his pure ordinances. When a Jesuit persuaded him to return to his popish religion in Italy, promising him a large sum of money, he said, “Let their money perish with them who esteem all the gold in the world worth one day’s communion with Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit.”

What Does it Mean to Love God ? (2)

(4) He who loves God cannot live without Him.

Things we love we cannot be without. A man can do without music or flowers — but not food. Just so, a soul deeply in love with God looks upon himself as undone without him. “Hide not your face from me, lest I be like those who go down into the pit.” Psalm 143:7. He says as Job, “I went mourning without the sun;” chapter 30:28. I have starlight, I lack the Sun of Righteousness; I enjoy not the sweet presence of my God. If God is our chief good – we cannot live without him! Alas! how do they show they have no love to God who can do well enough without him! Let them have but food and drink, and you shall never hear them complain of the lack of God.

What Does It Mean To Love God?

(1) He who loves God desires his presence.

Lovers cannot be long asunder, they soon have their fainting fits, for lack of a sight of the object of their love. A soul deeply in love with God desires the enjoyment of him in his ordinances, in Word, prayer, and sacraments. David was ready to faint away and die when he had not a sight of God. “My soul faints for God.” Psalm 84:2. Such as care not for ordinances plainly manifest lack of love to God.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

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Our Father In Heaven (continued)

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Our Father In Heaven

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