God’s purpose throughout all of time has been to redeem for Himself a people that are His very own. – Alistair Begg

Church Ministries

Community Bible Fellowship

As those attending our congregation come from all over Melbourne, we provide opportunities to gather during the week on a geographic model around Melbourne to study God’s Word, pray and enjoy fellowship together.

Presently we have Community Bible Fellowship groups in: East (Box Hill South); West (Keilor Park); Central (at SYPC) and Simple English (South Yarra). We are eager to expand into other areas as the opportunity arises.

The Community Bible Fellowship groups provide a great opportunity to get to know people in the church better and to deepen your understanding of the Bible as well as to deepen and practice your faith. They also serve as pastoral care hubs as a first line of support and encouragement to God’s people at SYPC.

The Community Bible Fellowship groups meet in the evenings (Tuesday and Thursday) of the school terms for Bible Study, Prayer and Fellowship.


Sunday School

sunday schoolSYPC runs a Sunday School at 9.30am during the school year.

Ages… follow a curriculum which focuses on selected Bible Stories communicating the Gospel and great themes of the Christian faith and life.

Ages … work their way through the Shorter Catechism, interspersed with the study of books of the Bible and Classes on church History.



shebabSHEBAB means ‘Youth’ in Arabic. SHEBAB is the combined youth ministry of the Arabic PC and SYPC and is an active member of the PYV (Presbyterian Youth of Victoria).

SHEBAB is a ministry for youth and young adults, catering for Year 7 up. The program involves a monthly youth focused Bible studies, as well as a Guest Speaker’s Nights and Activity Nights – and of course, Supper always.

Come to SHEBAB @7.30pm-9.30pm (approx)


Men’s Ministry – Man Up

man upBecause men need a place to be encouraged, motivated and held accountable, something just for them has been created called [MAN UP].

Meets at SYPC on the first Thursday evening of the month for a chiselled conversation shaped by the Bible. What is a chiselled conversation? Glad you asked! It is a conversation that is chiselled out of the thoughts, questions, and stuff that men want and need to talk about.

We also run an annual Grand Final Breakfast on the day Melbourne goes footy crazy – an early morning together and with our friends in Food, Faith and Fellowship.


Women’s Ministry

virtual book clubBook Club

Would you like to read a Christian book together? Would it be helpful and motivating to read & discuss the same book at the same time, a chapter a week?

SYPC Ladies are reading a chapter a week of a helpful Christian book along with other women from the PCV, with online questions and discussion. A great ministry for busy ladies scattered around Melbourne.


ESL Ministry

ESLSYPC offers an English as a Second Language Class.  It is free and open to anyone who wishes to attend. Meeting on Saturday mornings of the school year, with Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced English classes for those with little or no English through to those with some English seeking to learn or improve their English language speaking and skills.

  • If you want to improve your English we invite you to come to ESL classes.
  • It is very, very, very fun!
  • Classes are free, and new students are always welcome.
  • Click here for brochure


A short term conversation opportunity which ran during the mid-semester term holidays in September this year. Those learning English could spend an hour or so in general conversation with members of the church on all sorts of topics in a casual café-style environment. Watch this space to see its future.


Seminar Ministry

The last Sunday evening of the month (usually) at SYPC is a modified service which we call our Evening Seminar.  These are serve a training as well as educational purpose, and are presented by various men in the congregation.

This year we have embarked on a 3-year series called


in which we look at The Apostles’ Creed (Faith),  The Lord’s Prayer (Hope) and The Ten Commandments (Love).


Welcome Ministry

Ordinarily the first people you will meet at SYPC are members of the Welcome Team who are there to assist you as you enter the church building. They will supply you with the book we use to sing from in worship as well as a copy of SYPCtoday which is our information sheet for the week.

Please feel free to ask them about anything that you think might make your time with us in worship more comfortable. They will do their best to assist you.


Audio Ministry

SYPC Sound Team exists to make worship and preaching available to a large group of people. A well-crafted and managed sound system (within our resources) enhances our worship, likewise a poorly done sound system detracts, and our sound team are always eager to help improve the management of sound during worship to the glory of God, and appreciate your assistance.

SYPC Sunday Bible Messages are recorded and placed on the website every week. These are low-commitment ways for Christians to encourage their friends to hear God’s Word and to explore the gospel. Making audio recordings available to Christians (on CD or web) enables them to explore God’s Word wherever they are during the week. It allows for multiple opportunities to study and meditate.

If you missed a message, would like to hear it again or know someone you would like to share it with please click on this link. If you would prefer a CD copy this can be arranged by speaking to the person at the audio desk or by email here….


Membership @ SYPC

Membership is important to us at SYPC as we believe that Christ has entrusted to His disciples the command to form local churches. These churches are an individual expression of the body of Christ, they are where Christ Himself, the Head of the Church, has promised to minister to and bless His people, and where the fruit of the Spirit is fostered and encouraged to grow.

SYPC Membership is open to all who can make a sincere profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. We hold a series of membership classes for those who want to become members at SYPC. Please speak to the Pastor or one of the Elders if you are interested.