God’s purpose throughout all of time has been to redeem for Himself a people that are His very own. – Alistair Begg

Three Meditations on the Messiah (2) – Isaiah 9:6

Three Meditations on the Messiah

Meditation Two: Isaiah 9:6

The dawn of God’s glory was the first coming of Jesus Christ. The high noon of God’s glory will be the second coming of Christ. And that is where the sun will stay forever and ever.

The next text that the choir will sing, Isaiah 9:6, describes the glory of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. What we find here is a combination of excellencies that correspond perfectly to needs of our souls.

Consider these four things:

  1. The Lord is a counsellor. And that corresponds to my need for wisdom and guidance.
  2. The Lord is mighty. And that corresponds to my need for strength and power to live my life pleasing to the Lord.
  3. The Lord is Father. And that corresponds to my need for firm and gentle care and provision. Especially if I’ve never known it here.
  4. The Lord is peaceful. And that corresponds to my need for quietness and rest and freedom from trouble and agitation.

But that’s not all. What makes the Lord exceedingly glorious is that

  1. His counsel is wonderful. The Lord has better advice for your life than anyone. It is amazingly and wonderfully different from the advice of the world.
  2. His might is divine. (Mighty God!) There is no greater power in all the universe than his. It will prevail over all his enemies. It is full of hope.
  3. His Fatherhood is everlasting. You will never attend this Father’s funeral. He will never get old and senile and leave you like an orphan on your own.
  4. His peace is maintained by his princely authority. (Prince of Peace!) The government shall be upon his shoulders as a great prince, and his kingdom will be everlasting peace.

The glory of the Lord has risen upon us. The noonday is not yet. But given what we know now, it will come. And we can live and wait in hope.

– John Piper